Monday, March 12, 2012

Gilt-Edged Cardiac Chemistry

Gold is called a Noble metal, and its nobility is highlighted by the fact that acids have no effect on it. (Unless of course, you are Aqua Regia, but then Latin is not my strong point).

One of my young blogging friends, Pri, wrote a wonderful post on Acid Tests in Life, and how we fool ourselves into thinking , that we have passed the acid test "in relationships", simply because the environment is conducive to it; only to have the world collapse in shambles around us, during inclement times.  I think , the number of seasons (62 in this case), one has seen in life, gives one a different perspective, and I rush in (where qualified folks fear to tread) ,to reassure my friend.....

And then I realized something.  We primarily use Gold to adorn the persona. The purest Gold cannot be made into adornments. For that , it has to be made less noble, with the addition of other metals that give it some hardness, that allows us to design beautiful things. This "impure" addition makes it react to the acid.  The amount of other metals added decides the karats and the strength.  (22,18,14,10 etc).

So while it may look like one's relationship  has failed the acid test  by reacting to the acid,  another way to see the same is to realize that it is pointing to a way to strengthen it, so it can be proudly enjoyed , in future seasons. 

 Chemistry of the acid type in NOT supreme.  That of the people type, is, and lasts.

  (photo courtsey Google)
The acid
is like a teacher;

Sometimes lovable,
sometimes intimidating,
sometimes cursed.

unlike us
she knows
about different golds.

There are
the purest ones,
unchanged in acid,
regardless of
season fluctuations...

Then the
22 and 18 karat folks,
who absorb some
presumed sins,
in the interests
of being tough
in rough times...

And then again,
the 14 and 10 karatwalaas,
open to the world
and all its
doubtful additive ideas
in an effort to be the toughest.

The most impure
get the worst treatment
from the Acid teacher,
sizzled in scar tissue.

Its a strength
of test, endurance and learning,
as the gold
can always learn
new lessons.

It doesn't mean it failed the test.

It simply means
that it is
learning about life,
gaining strength,
and hopes to adorn some
wonderful lives
come spring....


  1. I somehow have begun to reply on you for showing me the 'other' perspective :)

    Beautiful as always.Thanks for being around.

  2. I somehow have begun to rely on you for showing me the 'other' perspective :)

    Beautiful as always.Thanks for being around.

  3. *Ants on my kepboard...Was trying to kill them and hence the typo in the earlier comment* :-|

    1. Some ants simply like to pry,
      I must say I really dont know why,
      The letter "P" is favoured,
      They exclaim as "O" is savoured,
      Looks like they simply love to try.....

      The keyboard owned by one with that "letter"
      ASDF is fine but UIOP is even better,
      But they dread the finger,
      On the key , it does linger,
      Maybe they should just try the Monitor later...:-)


    (Psst!! Im sure the ants would be mighty pleased to see you dedicating a composition to them) ;)