Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Puri Pageants.....

The next best thing to eating something , is to see amazing pictures of that stuff on Facebook/Pinterest/Flickr et al. It also helps if you have a friend who likes to eat the same things that you do and in addition, takes wonderful photos of it..

Particularly in the category of what may be classified as Mumbai Food.

Bhel, which has appeared earlier in this poetry blog, as a "magic mixture" is one such.

This is a picture of Sev Batata Puri, which essentially has the same DNA as the Bhel , but just looks a bit more posh.

Stiff crackling wheat rounds, loaded with chopped onions, tomatoes, chopped/mashed boiled potatoes, spiced and slathered in 3 types of sauces/chutneys, Garlic red, green chilly coriander mint, and tamarind sauce. Salt and cayenne pepper sprinkled to taste, and Sev sprinkled liberally on top interspersed with chopped coriander, and possibly even finely chopped green chillies.

Naturally, a poem happened. And here it is !

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)

So many Farsaan Countries,
at the
Miss BhelPuri-World
at Juhu Beach.

Purees in statuesque poses,
studded with
tomato and coriander zardozi,
with a brilliant play
of Swar-onion crystals
glinting in the light;
A mash of potatoes
giving some body,
and she shivers
under the
flowing green chutney
as she wonders what else is in store.

Nervous in tears,
in anticipation of
some spicy
red questions
thrown all over her,
she takes refuge,
under a reassuring blanket
of a mature
tamarind sauce
that seems to say,
"Just a little while more;
Mr Sev is on his way
with the results."

Mouth watering visions,
amazing flavours,
and Mr Sev
goes over to all the purees,
and sharing himself
with all.

Unbearable suspense,
a difficult wait,
and finally,
the plate is raised,
the band plays
the World now has
6 Miss Sev-Batata-Puri-Worlds.....


  1. This is not fair. Am craving this crisp thingy now...

    1. It may not be fair, but it sure is lovely ! (Maybe someone can make an ad for this and use these words to spite HUL's useless ad.):-))

  2. Yes, now I'm craving this crisp thingy, too!!

    1. Thank you! Sylvia, I think you get this in Sunnyvale !

  3. Shivers under the flowing green chutney ...wah !Brilliant !

  4. Purees in statuesque poses,
    studded with
    tomato and coriander zardozi,
    with a brilliant play
    of Swar-onion crystals
    glinting in the light;

    - I want to go out now and get some and see physically, the zardosi and swarowskis! Children don't eat them any more at home. Those were school days....hmmmm You took me somewhere else, Suranga...beautiful!

    1. Sandhya, thank you!. This dish is popular across the country and across ages , isnt it !

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want someeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lots of green chutney pleaseeeeeeeeeee
    what a beautiful poem

    courier me some pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  6. Agree with Sangeeta. I really wanna have some now tooo!