Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lord Zooms....

My blogger, photographer,,travel-writer friend Nisha Jha, who blogs here and has travelled solo in various far eastern countries, also maintains a page , Le Monde -A poetic travail   where she posts amazing photographs  and writeups from her trips, amidst new places and peoples.

She posted this picture of a giant hibiscus variety that she saw in Malyasia, and the hand you see in the photograph is hers;  held specifically, so that you can imagine the size of the hibiscus.

The first thought that came to mind on seeing this, was that of Ganpati (or Lord Ganeshji)  , who  loves these flowers, and is worshipped with the red variety of these flowers.

Am putting own here the first thoughts that came to mind (in Hindi).....and then possibly a completely inadequate translation in English....

(photograph by Nisha Jha)

मन में भक्ति हो ,
और सब के प्रति
सन्मान और प्यार हो,
छोटे हात से दिया तोहफा
गणेशजीको  झूम  किये जैसा
बड़ा दिखता है .....

When you worship
in complete faith,
and hold
love and respect
all your fellow beings,
even a small offering
made to Lord Ganesh
is seen by him
in a
Zoom view.....!


  1. Focus!!
    Bringing that to my mind :-)

  2. Oh my Lord! My photo makes its appearance here again.
    Thank you very much for these lovely lines... give so much meaning to the photo.

  3. Perfect way to start my day with this :)
    Beautiful !