Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Incredible lightness of being a Paanpoley...

One way of trying to go on a diet, is to write poetry on delicious food photographs, instead of eating the stuff. Not that it works, but just saying.

My blogger friend Magiceye probably eats with a camera strapped to his forehead, which automatically clicks when he says "Wah ! Wah!" . I cannot think of any other explanation for the all the yummy photographs that appear during his various trips as well as  at his home meals.   This one , Paanpoley , was posted on FB, as well as here.  

Paanpoley is a form of rice crepes , prepared after soaking, and grinding rice etc.  You can watch a video  on how to make it here

Some folks have it with red-chilly -garlic chatni, and some with coriander chatni.

I need to stop. The .jpgs are too overpowering ......:-))

Just so all of you eat your heart out. First in original marathi, then in a possibly inadequate translation .....

(photographs and eating by Magiceye Deepak Amembal)
कोकणातली पावसात
तुडुंब भरलेली भातशेती ,
बांगड्यांची किणकिण, आणि पुन्हा पेरणी ;
पातेल्यात पाण्याशी एकरूप
झालेल्या तांदुळाला सर्व काही आठवते ,
आणि डाव धरून गरम तव्यावर पडताच,
त्याच्या असंख्य डोळ्यातून
पाण्याची वाफ दुक्खाचा सुस्कारा देउन
बाहेर पडते....
कोणीतरी त्याच्या आयुष्याची घडी पुन्हा घालते ,
आणि ताटलीत ठेउन म्हणते
" जा हो! चटणी बरोबर सुखी रहा !"

 Monsoon full fields
and rice transplanting
in absolute flow
in Kokan,
the women,
pushing back
the tinkling bangles
to get on with the work.

Today, the rice,
completely one with the water,
helplessly poured on to the hot griddle
erupts with millions of eyes,
spewing forth
a sad steam....

A while later,
someone tries to
put things in ordered folds,
slides it on to a plate,
and says,
" Go. Have a wonderful life with the Chatni.....!"


  1. Smiled ear to ear reading the line - camera which automatically clicks when he says "Wah ! Wah!

    1. Suranga is incorrigible isnt she?!! :)

    2. Go on . Have some more. Straight off the tawa. I'm not watching .....