Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OO-pa-ma, OO-pa-ma, and The Clean Picture!

The Mumbai summer is now setting in, and sitting under a agitating ceiling fan, at a dining table, imbibing hot fresh breakfasts, amidst amazing flavours emanating from a morning kitchen, is infinitely preferable to bending in the hot morning sun, to click the expressions of a narcissistic flower...

Which explains why my blogger friend Magiceye, took inspiration from his breakfast, and captured this photo of Oopma, or Upma, before he possibly tasted it.  This is made, from cream of wheat or rice, with folks in the south tending towards the rice.  It is made in Maharashtra , (from cream of wheat) and called "sanjaa",  and looks a bit different because we also add turmeric powder, and the sanjaa always has a yellowish tinge. Served with chopped fresh green coriander and grated coconut. Sometimes with a yum chutney.

These Upma shades of cream, slight gold, and green slivers in between reminded me of the mundum-veshti traditional dress worn by Kerala women.

Cream of rice or wheat
roasted golden,
warm particles
gossiping together,
waiting in

Golden ghee
dripping in the color
of the Mundum Veshti
exploding in a spot design
of mustard seeds,
fenugreek and
a shower of
green designer kadhipatta.

The roasted all pervading
cream particles,
coming together
spicily with
a hint of tamarind,
and a casual throw of cashews
amidst the
browns and greens,
grated coconut jewellery.

Closed and covered
for a while
she soon emerges
in her
delicious glory,
in her Mundum Veshti
to face another great morning....


  1. OO-PA-MA ye hai bada Bumbaat !!!

  2. I want two helpings NOW, one for the picture and one for the verse:))) Lovely!

    1. Ma'am, both together, or one after the other ? And what about filter kapi ? :-))

  3. Very nice- both verse and picture!

    Some OO-pa-ma trivia: Last year a chef won America's much-watched 'Top Chef Masters' contest [ and USD $100,000 prize] with a simple Upma dish! :)


    1. Manju, Thank you . And yes I remember reading about the chef !

  4. Some Oo-Pa-Ma for me please and with piping hot filter coffee :-)