Sunday, March 11, 2012

Geriatric musings

A great capture of the Indian Reef Heron by my blogfriend Magiceye, clicked at the Sewri Mudflats on Mumbai's eastern seaboard. Posted by him as part of the Camera Critters series in his blog, Mumbai Daily: Camera critters.

The Sewri Coastline , earlier densely populated with mangroves, has suffered through the perils of industrialization and construction in the name of progress.

Today,  it is a protected bird area .  I hope the birds continue to think so too, in the years to come.

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Tough days for old folks,
in Mumbai.

In earlier times,
I've swooped down amidst the waves
to tangle with fish;
when the waves receded
my friends and I
pecked around
the mud
searching for dessert.

Thanks to
the biped's proclivity
for pouring waste into the ocean,
my plumage is prematurely grey,
and arthritis hurts,
as I tread gingerly
amidst the flats
riddled with
chemical scar tissue.

No wonder
our youngsters fly off,
depleting a nest
that is itself no more
the firangi flamingoes
Kokan beaches
further south...

Like I said,
its a bad time for old folks in Mumbai...


  1. Ah, and for old folks everywhere! Believe me! Love your words as always and Deepak's capture is wonderful! Hope your weekend is going well.


    1. Thank you, Sylvia ! But this Indian reef heron, really looked geriatric, and spouted all those words ....:-))

  2. Wonderful commentary on a sad state of affairs...

    1. Thank you! Your birds always have such amazing expressions !