Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monkeying with Education

Another  amazing capture by Prasad Ganesh Paranjape  from a trip to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve near Nagpur in central India.  He has a series of photographs of the langurs/monkeys , in what look like very human traumatic life situations.

Have a look at his photos here.

She clutched her mother
around the waist,
deaf to their entreaties.

"I don't want
to go to school
in the new woods....

There are these
strange cousins
with 2 legs missing
and they come there
in contraptions
that spew gas
and throw things around.

The only lake in the new woods
is getting silted up
and there isn't much water to drink.

I see buildings
in the distance
and hear shots sometimes.

And then
there is just too many of us,
with not enough trees..."

And the father,
the angry little one
"Kya karein,
Only the Tigers and Lions
have reservations,
get benefits,
radio tags,
and really count.

As for us
forget Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan***,
its not even Sarva Vruksha***** Abhiyan yet....."

*** Education for all (national project)
*****Vruksha : trees

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  1. Nice one. Yes, nobody bothers about these interesting creatures!