Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Election Promises....

My friend Prasad Ganesh Paranjape recently visited the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve near Nagpur  and clicked some amazing outstanding photographs of not only several Tigers, but these langurs and many birds, all in action.   Please see all his amazing  photographs here.  Don't miss these.

The langurs in action, actually present a great visual  as to what is happening in the country today.  Even the expressions of some remind you of prominent personalities.

I just wondered what the elder fellow here was telling the younger, possibly foolish one .....

How many times
must I tell you
not to believe
anything they say?

Things were different
when I was your age.

You respected and believed the king.
He took care of his subjects,
and ensured
the trees remained for us,
brushing aside
the possibility
of clearing the forest
and naming
another palace
in memory
of someone.

Election time,
and they make promises
faster than
ice can melt in
a desert summer.

Did you really think
they'd make you
managing director
of the
Bharatiya Kela and Moongfali Nigam ?
Don't you know ,
it is Maryadit ?


  1. They even look like some of our politicians -- only better than most!! Have a lovely evening!
    And thanks for the giggle!


    1. Thank you, Sylvia. Just wanted to clarify, that Bharatiya Kela and Moongfali Nigam (in Hindi) means Indian Banana and Peanut Corporation, and Maryadit means Limited. :-))

  2. Replies
    1. Dipali, thank you, the photo was so inspiring!

  3. Well I love this! I can hear him chattering, scolding.

    (And thank you for the translation up there.
    :-) Of course he would be lured by a chance to be the managing director of such a corporation!!)


  4. Invaluable lessons on survival
    being offered
    to a fellow tribal
    for mooning over a dream
    melt like soggy ice cream.

    Invaluable lessons of temperance
    being offered
    to homo sapiens
    for halting the monkey business
    ad nauseam in progress.

    1. USP, That's an invaluable comment ! Loved it !

  5. The photograph is so clear that we feel the langur is telling the lines to the younger one, literally!

    Even they know what/how our politicians are!

    Nice one, Suranga!

    1. Thank you, Sandhya ! Did you see the tiger photos in the same collection? Great!

  6. The page said, 'Currently unavailable'. Will try again, the tiger photos!