Monday, March 12, 2012

Go forth, young fellow !

This amazing capture by Slogan Murugan, also known as M.S. Gopal, actually leaves you wordless. As he says ,"I have a camera. A few words. And I tell stories..." ....

Then you recover, look closely to ascertain what the liitle boy must be thinking,  remember your childhood,  and sometimes, a poem happens.

Have a look at more of his wonderful works at 

(photo by Slogan Murugan)
Wide eyes,
Vibhutied forehead,
clutching a
checked bag and water bottle,
he tugs at his
uniform pants
and steps out,
holding on
to a
maternal proud hand,
shooing away the dog,
all agog about it.

Some moons later,
he listens ,
but preoccupied
with thoughts of
marbles in the recess,
and someone's birthday chocolates,
as his ma hands him
the forgotten
slate pencils with a point
and a tiffin.

The Sun,
watching it all,
smiles extra wide
from the other side,
he too
had a grandpa
to pat him,
and send him on his way,
across the world