Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tree and Empathy

My blogger and FB friend Varsha Tiwary who hails from Central India, is a bureaucrat, poet, and someone who loves to live in balance with the body, listening to what it has to say.

Have a look at her two blogs,   Wholesome Options  and Poetic Break  .

  She recently posted a lovely capture of what she poetically described as , "Weeping Willow curtains Off the Beauty; as Mountain lake and Sky Become One."....;  possibly a scene at the window of a lovely mountain cottage that enchanted her...

 As she says , "Nature heals where nothing else can : age loneliness and much else......."

I agree. 

 (photograph by Varsha Tiwary)
She remembers
the house
with the lovely garden
she sat at the window
of her room
as a child,
hair freshly washed,
and a gust of mountain wind
would tumble it
over her face,
tickling her eyes.


she sits alone
in an empty house,
with a smooth shiny pate
in the company
the Emperor of Maladies.

The old tree
with a great memory,
and even greater height,
bends over
with its branches at the window,
to see the little girl
who once sat there
long long time ago....


  1. Beautiful scenes can be easily captured in a camera but beautiful imagery and poetry is rare to find in today's fast moving world.I appreciate the grace and dignity of your prose and poetry Suranga . Thanks.

    1. Varsha, Thank you for the kind words... greatly appreciated .

  2. You have painted two beautiful portraits with the swift strokes of your pen. The portrait of an old lady resigned to a medico-philosophical tome set against the contrasting image of a child sitting at the window, her hair wet.

    1. USP, thank you ! Kya Karein , I've seen both, and things just came to mind when I saw this beautiful photo.

  3. Trees really have a personality and even memory. I am awed at your imagery with words...every time more than ever.

    1. Sangeeta, thank you! Trees figure so many times in my poems, maybe I was a tree in my last life !:-))