Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Power postures....

Another great capture of flamingos at the Sewri mudflats by blogger friend Magiceye.Posted on his blog as part of the ABC Wednesday-J series.

It is significant how certain populations occupy certain beneficial places, whether in the Sewri mudflats or in daily life ...

Read on :-))

at a rarified top,
standing tall,
observing discretely
what others are getting,
checking out opportunities,
with their long beaks
and wide influence;
home and work areas
next to water sources,
at a leaping distance.

the hoi-polloi
far away from drinking water,
rationed through the mud,
crowding in
places cursed with damp,
high density homes,
and yet,
when the former win elections
in the swamps,
the latter congregate
in a terribly
indisciplined way,
pushing this way and that,
ostensibly to congratulate,
but really to see
if there are any leftover crumbs for them...

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