Friday, March 16, 2012

Loopy Birthdays.....

This is a birthday poem in honor of Ms. Loopy Maya Samarawardene Pintu, aka as Loopy, (and not as L.M.S.Pintu, as folks from Bengaluru might expect),  who is celebrating her birthday today, and has a wonderful birthday post written in her honor , here. By her Mom, my blogger and FB friend  Sangitha.  Do read .

 As an honored member who tilts the majority in the family into the female domain, she nevertheless has a very special  part of her heart reserved for the young fellow of the house, who is the youngest. She of course is treated as the youngest "daughter". Between the two, they have a lot to say, laugh and have a lot of fun.

You can see everything Loopy wants to say, reflected in her amazing eyes !

(photo by Sangitha Krishnamurthy)
This split moment
when I looked up
and saw Mom click,
it all came back to me,
and clouded my
by-now-full mahogany eyes…..

Coming into a new house,
traipsing around books
yet to be
arranged in racks,
practicing running up the stairs,
at the little fellow's feet,
while he did homework,
all the while
asking his Ammaa funny questions,
while we girls,
my elder sis and me
tried our best not to laugh.

into the kitchen with Mom
to give her
moral support
on a hurried school day,
making eyes at the dosa’s…..

And increasing
my friends circle
so fast,
they’re starting a Facebook for dogs.

I don't always look so
posh and silky.
And no,
Mom never oils my hair.
Its just my
love, happiness,
and pride
for the family shining through ……

Happy Birthday Loopy ! (The older types still call me Lopamudra…:-))


  1. I Like Lopamudra. The old me :-)

  2. She is so beautiful! So is the poem:)

  3. An awesome post, Suranga. My daughter sends you her love and shiny expression through me! :-D

    A big thank you from Lopamudra! :-D

  4. She is looking straight at us, via the camera! Expressive eyes!

    into the kitchen with Mom
    to give her
    moral support
    on a hurried school day,
    making eyes at the dosa’s…......I can imagine through experience!

    The last paragraph: It is true! Love and happiness shines through her body!

    Nice name Lopamudra! It comes in Lalita Sahasranama, but I heard it first in Amitabh's KBC. Lopamudra did very well on that day!

    Lucky Sangita to have Loopy! Enjoy!

    1. Yes Sandhya, the "eyes" have it ! Lopamudra just came suddenly to mind , as a name that could be shortened to Loopy (with apologies to the goddess). I am not sure the little fellow is too enthused about the name. :-).... Thank you for the nice comments!