Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bozoical real wisdom

Mumbai's veteran only-dog-with-his-own-blog, Bozo, sometimes get philosophical . Maybe it's because he is getting older. Maybe because he is the type who doesn't hanker after something,  all the time. Maybe because he runs and leaps less and thinks more these days. Maybe because his boss is retired and he feels retired too. Who knows.

 But his mentor and life-and-times-chronicler Magiceye, was recently privy to some of his thoughts, while he clicked a formal photo of Bozo, (much similar to a certain photo of Nehru in profile. Only the paw at the canine chin is missing). Magiceye posted the photo here.

I've seen folks
studying and shaking
their heads,
over a piece of paper
describing their stars at birth,
and often wondered,
in their right mind
would even bother
about exact times  and celestial stars
when one was there,
just born, 
right in front of them....

I don't have a paper.
I was born somewhere else
where trees and walls
barred the sky;
but where I am now,
I've been treated like a star.

They indulge me,
applaud me,
worry about me,
listen to me,
play with me,
photograph me,
and even scold me at times.

I have folks
across the world
enquiring after me,
and like a sailor,
I have my admirers
swooning in every port...

For a fellow,
unlike these bipeds,
didn't have
a worried Mom
for many years,
I must have had amazing planets and stars
smiling down at me. 

Being born of a womb
was not all.
I was born again
in someone's heart ....!


  1. This is so beautiful!!! WOW!!
    Loved your alluding to Nehru too ;)

    1. Thank you. I actually had a .jpg of the nehru photo, and the similarity in pose was amazing. But somewhere the old conservative dna won battling with wild poetic thoughts, and I didnt add that photo. :-))

  2. Bozo may be Nehruesque but his wisdom appears more sublime. He does take a swipe at astrology as he showers eulogies on the heart into which he was born.

    1. I guess Bozo is a great believer in Nurture, and some powerful folks typically believe in only Nature. Actually, Nurture has a bit of an edge over nature, me thinks....

  3. Bozo is indeed the star. He looks so beautiful here. And I am one of your admirers too, Bozo! We love you. :)

    1. Zephyr, if only dogs could actually blog !

  4. Well, as you know, Sam Schnauzer and i have been admirers of Bozo for several years now and this is such a great tribute to a wonderful doggie friend! Thank you!!

    Sylvia and Sam

  5. Being born of a womb
    was not all.
    I was born again
    in someone's heart ....!
    Well that says a lot ! Nice tribute to Bozo and I loved Nehru part :)

    1. Kavita, Thank you ! Bozo is not just photogenic, he is also poetogenic :-))

  6. The genius poet strikes again! :)

    I was born again
    in someone's heart ....!


  7. Born again...if we all could learn and do not be bounded by where we were born...pushing boundaries :-)
    Bozo looks like our family dog Honey, who was with us till 15 years ago, especially this expression on his face. Lovely.

    1. Sangeeta, Bozo is both photogenic and poetogenic. :-))