Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap of Faith ?

Clicked recently, at Tadoba National Wildlife Sanctuary, three hours away from Nagpur, in Central India.  By my young friend and wildlife enthusiast, Sudhir Bharadwaj, who is otherwise a peaceful corporate type.

The tigers were out in full force, and were captured on film, swimming, trying to climb a tree,  majestically lording it over a road crossing.  They even saw  4 baby tigers salivating and making a meal out of a deer, which had just breathed its last, while the Tiger mom was out looking out for more.

Then he captured this amazing photo  of a simian in flight,  which I thought had a message ......

(Photo by Sudhir Bharadwaj)
They come
loaded with jackets and lenses
binoculars at the ready,
whispering quietly,
desperately searching
for the fellows
the country
is officially out to save.

I lean
from the swinging branch
as a quiet descends,
to watch
4 baby tigers,
enjoy the remnants
of my erstwhile friend
the deer.

I told him,
not to go near the water.

But at the end of the day
Its the same story.

Inadequate drinking water
six decades into independence,
and the big
and the powerful
have a monopoly
bossing it over us,
second class citizens,
first class fools.

I flit,
nimbly from tree to tree,
scrounging for my own,
leaping across
the road
bossed over
by the jackets and cameras
in jeeps,
and I look at them,
think of my ape cousins,
and go,
ye gads,
is this what evolution does,
and is this
what became of
folks like me ?


  1. Brilliant! Hard hitting, and yet fun as well:)

    1. Dipali, Thank you! And it was fun to write as well....

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  3. Your verses are naturally free flowing. They also carry deep messages. Yes, its a miracle other races are surviving.

    1. Thank you ! I think the body language of the simian is very telling....:-)