Friday, April 27, 2012

Beholders and Beholdees : A Dosa Science

People often have favorite stuff they eat at favorite places.Like Mysore Masala Dosa,  which some folks swear about at the Shivsagar Restaurant in Mumbai, and say, the Dasaparakash in Bangalore/Chennai.  

All that battering in the grinder, then fermenting, and spreading oneself thin on a antagonistic hot , oily , shining , dark griddle, and the special green and red accessories, not to mention copious yellow masala potato stuff slathered on top, makes me visualize , some sort of eligible fellow, getting himself  ready to face some girl who is coming to "see"  him.

A bit unusual, I know. Amongst bipeds, the inverse is true. But Dosas are an enlightened, highly patriotic  species, and girls come to "see" them, and "decide" ....

My blog friend Magiceye, did his magic with the Mysore Masala Doasa here

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
A Tsunami in the grinder
tentatively subsides
as it reaches
the steel container,
and stews
in its own warmth
as it sits
head covered
in a safe corner of the kitchen.

A spring morning
and a griddle smokes defiantly
on the flame,
waiting for a chance
to get back
at the  person,
who has caused
so much hurt and injuries
to it
scraping and poking
with that terrible spatula.

Someone is coming
to "see" Mr Dosa today,
that's what
the message from Idlibai
said yesterday...

on his best behaviour,
ignoring the sizzling comments
emanating from the griddle,
he spreads himself
really fine,
and waits
for the signature shove
from the spatula.

Only to find out,
in honor of his special meeting,
there will be
a green wrap
of smashed chillies,
onion , coriander
and tamarind
for him,
before he wears his
potato masala trimmings.

A patriotic fellow,
he sometimes wears a wrap
in orange,
a tribute to red chillies,
onions and tamarind.

It is all
about wearing the Indian flag colors
on the white base outfit.

The girl's side has arrived,
and he,
a bit shy
simply wraps himself across the masala,
and presents himself
smart as can be
on a plate.

And she waits
for things to cool a bit,
breaks a piece (of his heart),
takes a deep breath,
eyes the sambaar and chutney relatives,
and then nods at her folks,
and says ,
" Perfect ! I approve !"


  1. delicious (Pardon the typo above)

    1. Dipali, Thank you! And I was so lost in the virtual mysore masala dosa, I didnt notice the typo ...Thought you too were so immersed in it that you commented twice :-))

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you ! I know I wrote the poetry, but my mouth is watering too ...thanks to your lovely photos :-))

  3. Is there any "Like" button here? I want to like the poetry & your 2 replies to above comments. :-)

    Mouth watering stuff!

    1. Nisha , Thank you! So many of us standing around in mouth watering delight, and the girl in the poem will probably finish off the said Dosa ....Sigh !