Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Bozoical Balcony Thought....

These days, Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog ,  has his own dog's view of the world below him.

 He is almost a senior citizen dog now, and he has kind of left his young gallivanting days behind, ever since his great friend Luci moved to Thiruvananthapuram . (The Lassies are not his type, anyway).

 He watches all the comings and goings from the balcony, the foolishness happening on the roads, as two legged types with misplaced bravado mess around with four wheels, people park in irresponsible ways, and throw all kinds of stuff here and there.

 He just shakes his head, steps down from watching folks from the balcony sill, and communicates with his mentor and chronicler, Magiceye ....

You know what,
becoming old
is a State of Mind....

I remember times,
when I would bound up and down
to the garden and back.
As folks in half pants uniforms
lugged bags to school,
several young ladies
chatted away
on their way to college,
simply ignoring me
as I trailed behind.

There was Mom
whose bag I would smell
when she returned from the market
and I practised
racing behind Deepak
when he left for work.

Times have changed.
Like me,
the youngsters are older,
some have left the house,
and there are now
fewer people
to say goodbye to
on a daily basis
as I wait for their return.

The neighborhood
is full of underage heroes
surreptitiously driving
their daddy's cars,
and injuring people.  

And I just stand
in the balcony these days,
take a deep breath
watching all the madness
on the street ,
once in a while,
turning to Deepak
reading a newspaper,
and asking him,
"What has the world come to ?
Did you see that ?...."


  1. so real... so real....

    beautifully penned Suranga!!

    1. Thank you ! Bozo's face spells the well .

  2. Aww So beautifully put. I just love that last question. Almost saw Bozo ask Deepak :) Luci is going to be pleased to know about the mention :)

    1. Thank you, Shail ! And I hope the tennis elbow is improving !