Thursday, April 5, 2012

In defense of Chhotu Tamateram Sangeetam...

Many years ago, I wrote a blog post called the Earth Gene.  Something about the  dominant tendencies of a "homing" gene in our DNA strands. The over-riding connection to the local earth.

This is what came to mind, when  one saw this photograph of Cherie Tomatoes from , my blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna's garden.   Tomatoes have come to India from other lands, Possibly Cherrie Tomatoes, more so.  Many varieties are actually imported and bred in various countries, to make them acceptable and attractive for the local cuisine.

But I am sure these cherrie tomatoes from her garden feel very comfortable in her kitchen. Possibly because their DNA carries a connection to the Delhi Earth...... (methinks Wikipedia needs a desperate update)

 Sangeeta is a trained and practicing plant scientist, microbial biotechnologist and an antioxidants researcher,   who has a very green thumb, and grows all kinds of wonderful vegetables and flowers in her garden. She also knows how to cook them in amazingly nutritious ways.

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Never found
in proletarian heaps,
they have
their own
proud mitochondrial musings,
as they sit
nudging each other,
wondering where life takes them.

The Santorini variety,
celebrated and conferred about,
but always regretting
that they came to Greece
to live
much after Helen of Troy

Then there is the Tomaccio,
a wild
mafia type from Peru,
captured and lured
to Israel,
and rebreeded
into becoming
a special sudden sweet type....

The US Super Sweet 100,
like a football game,
but is actually
a sweet brave type
resistant to
evil fellows
named Fusarium, and Verticillium.

Many others
like Selke Biodynamic
which is not
a company
but a cherry tomato ....

But the best is
Chhotu Tamateram Sangeetam,
a spirited variety,
in certain gardens in Delhi,
no misplaced prestige,
no narcissitic shows,
a living and mingling
the Great Indian Middleclass,
Spinach Singh Palak,
Hare Dill-Wale,
Bok Choy Motay,
Jalapena Mirchi Kumar,
Capsibai Simla,
and the svelte
Celery Kumari Patte,
enjoying themselves immensely
nodding and cracking up
listening to
Coria Dhania, the stand-up comedienne....

Oye Wikipedia, yahan bhi dekh....

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  1. Thank you so much.
    The Chhotu Tamateram Sangeetam are so so happy and will be in profusion now on :-)
    Again your effortless words leave me spellbound.