Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Bozoical Sunday....

Yes, he's back.    Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog has his own take on how even a dog's life has changed, along with Mumbai.

He doesn't need to verbalize;  there is a silent conversation happening between him and his chronicler/mentor Magiceye,  as they enjoy a cool Sunday morning in the balcony.  One, reading about the world, and the other watching the world go by.  

A cool bath
and a rub
on a hot summer Mumbai day.
and it's so much fun,
shrugging my wet hair
and drying up,
sprinkling cool drops
on the plants in the balcony,
my lifelong friends....

The city has changed.

Some fellows
simply dash around
carelessly amidst traffic
growling at something they wanted
but didn't get.

page-3 types
emerge from Hondas
walk these rounds
with fancy harnesses,
strutting in a hurry,
some posh person
to whom
time is money.

But what I love,
is when
the small kids
in the building
play with the ball,
allow me to join,
and I love it
when they shout
"Bozo, Bozo, here!",
when I chase it
along with them too.....

I see myself
so often
when I hear
Luci's escapades
in Trivandrum.

I've done worse.

But my lips are sealed.

For now,
its fun to sit in a cool balcony,
thinking about
my evening garden run,
the lovely food smells
emanating from the kitchen,
and Lassie's nice cousin
who they say
has moved into the next building....


  1. Awesome.One of your best :):)

  2. Yes, it is!! And Bozo is quite an inspiration! Sir Sam Schnauzer is impressed!
    "Yes, I am!"

    Sylvia and Sam

  3. Bozo, will you tell about your antics too, like Luci?!...Awesome, Suranga!

  4. Lol, How sweet, Bozo's remembering his own youth through Luci's escapades! :) I love Bozo too :)