Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kings, "Fish"ers, and Kingfishers....

My blogfriend, Shail Mohan, who is also a avid photographer(Sony Cybershot W-150), and a published poet,  posted this photograph  on her blog  , captioning it  "Power Holding Kingfisher".

It brought to mind some other erstwhile "power holding Kingfishers", who are painted an unnatural red, currently making a mess of flying, and yet, hobnobbing and  manoeuvring for a bailout  with the "powers" that be.

 Sometimes, even the birds have a simple message ....

(photo by Shail Mohan) 
, He climbed
all kinds of power lines,
tangling with some,
becoming one himself,
and then chose the
steepest one.

And while those
perennially green in power,
bent in benevolence
towards him,
sometimes even backward,
he found
all that crowd
made it impossible to fly.

He waits
for a special power line
where he will get a leg-up…

The one here,
will simply fly
up and fly away

Because Blue
was always  better
and a Kingfisher
mustn't hanker on becoming a Red.


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  2. Brilliant. As far as kingfishers are concerned, blue is okay not red though ;)

  3. Shail's picture and your verse....made for each other! Nice one.