Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did they learn from the Parakeets ?

This wonderful interaction between parakeets and the mango fruit was clicked by my FB friend Nandan Tavanandi  . 

The first two  are  Alexandrian Parakeets, identified by the pink patch on the shoulder, and the third is the Roseringed  parakeet, displaying a delicate ring around the throat.

A great display of how different folks  behave when confronted with  fruits of someone else's labour.....

 I wonder if they learned from us,
we learned from them...
Spiffy movers
cutting through dense branches,
homing in on
heard of from others;
seen to be contemplating
the pros and cons,
while actually finding it hard
to keep
both saliva
and ambition under check.

Then ,
taking courage into ones wings,
get closer to the target,
infatuated by the
fruity perfume,
and smooth contours,
eyes alight,
mouth worldlessly open,
mobilising to attack,
and imbibe,
claiming it as one's own...

And some
proletarian greedy types,
who fly in,
and without thinking,
simply seize the moment,
along with the fruit,
and dig right in,
slurping, and chewing
eyes feasting
on the yellow gold,
unconcerned about
glaring eyeballs
of Alexandrian cousins,
of another party group
on another branch,
if they should have done the same
and grabbed
what they could.

On the trees, these are parakeets,
Roseringed and Alexandrian.

In the biped world,
we call them politicians.


  1. I congratulate your FB friend on those stunning photographs with amazing focus and colours.

    Suranga, that is an awesome poem, as usual. I am marvelling at the stunning allegory, the unmistakeable whiff of the proletariat and the politicians from the world of bipeds.

    1. USP, Thank you! I thought those were such great photos and the birds had such neat expressions .... It isn't difficult to write, surrounded as we are with samples of the above type....

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  3. Replies
    1. Corinne, Thank you. The birds probably fly away and forget it all. Our politicians keep digging out of habit...

  4. Well clicked by Nandan Tavanandi. In spite of being quite well camouflaged, Nandan has captured the parrots in all their glory.

    1. Thank you for visiting here and welcome ! And yes, I totally agree about the photos....

  5. Sugandhatai, Sundar. Pan popat badnam hoat aahet. :-)))

    1. "गंध" आणि "रंग" ह्यापैकी , माझ्या आईवडीलाना "रंग" आवडल्यामुळे, त्यांनी नाव "सुरंगा" ठेवलं....:-) (सुगंधा नाही ) ! आणि पोपट आणि पोलिटीशियान्स ह्यांच्यात एक खूप मोठा फरक आहे . पोपटांना खोल खिसे नसतात .

  6. How did he take such clear pictures? Great! The parrots look like dolls! They are different birds! I can feel how the mangoes taste for them through your eyes/verse, Suranga! Lovely, as usual.