Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bozoical Flights of a beautiful Mind

It is a truth, possibly universally true, that when we are young we  try and indulge in many things, and later on looking back, always wonder how we actually did so.   That's the beauty of the Mind.

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog is becoming philosophical as he grows older.  He spends a lot of time in the balcony, this Mumbai summer, and often sees these huge planes, roaring down to land, as they pass low over his building.  He wonders if he has missed out on something, and whether it is possible for fellows like him to fly.

His mentor and chronicler , Magiceye, found him in one of his semi-aviator moods, and clicked this.

I rush to watch
from the balcony,
these massive things
that come in through the sky
making a huge racket
as they pass over our building terrace.

I hear you can sit inside them,
actually see movies
and eat meals,
and even sleep
(though I hear the bathrooms are claustrophobic)...

And then I think
of the
crows and pigeons,
egrets and parrots,
and so many ,
who silently glide around,
researching a tree here,
navigating a branch ,
crunching  into a guava there,
occasionally twittering
a mango they bit into,
as they play house-house
with twigs
up in a tree.

As a kid,
I wanted to fly.
And I actually did-
with my ears
pricked up.....

Flying down the stairs
when I heard someone come home from work;
Flying and Rushing across the garden
behind the young man
and his friends;
And sometimes,
I would hear the purr of a car
in the garage,
and there would be
a great flying leap
to meet
the young lady
returning to her old home....

And then I heard
that us fellows
need to travel in cages
in these huge contraptions i see in the sky.

No way.

These days,
I don't leap around and fly too much,
but there are these
amazing flights of imagination.

No cages,
no noisy rackets,
no exhaust pollution,
no cost,
no crowds,
no checking,
but just
a cool floor,
a nuzzle at some one's feet,
a leisurely trip to the kitchen door
to check out seafood smells,
smiling  at visiting folks
I have met
in my younger salad days,
who come and rub my neck,
and occasionally
sniffing and sneezing at a ball
that has missed me.....

And sometimes,
just sometimes,
I let fly my imagination
think of Luci
in Thiruvanantapuram,
Gabbar and Mutt
in Gurgaon,
and Lindy and Sam
in Bo's Obamaland.

I can fly ,
Free and open,
in the Sky of my Mind !


  1. Indeed! So thoughtfully brilliant!

    1. Thank you ! Just wondering how you decided on this angle when you clicked ....the pose literally generates its own poem...:-))

  2. Awww!!!
    And what about Gabbar and Mutt in Gurgaon :D

    1. Just updated ! :-) Bozo is a lucky fellow to dream of so many friends....

  3. I love it and so does Sam Schnauzer, who has been watching the skies a lot lately!!

    S and SS

  4. Delightful! Bozo must meet my Pablo some day. Incidentally, Pablo is not so keen on flying objects!

    1. Corinne, Thank you ! And a big hello and welcome to Pablo !

  5. A few centuries down the timeline when humans would be extinct and dogs the only intelligent race on Earth, you will be remembered as the Homer, the Sophocles and the Shakespeare of the Bozonia.

    ps. The Bozoical reflections never fail to touch me deeply.

    1. USP, Ogden Nash ? :-) Maybe a time will come when Bozo types will write poems on us, and Luci, and Sam will comment. Dont know about Homer and Sophocles and Shakespeare , but I like the sound of Bozonia...Thank you :-))