Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Tadaiva lagnum...." or "Here comes the ...."

A delicate and awesome yellow butterfly, stepping out is style across the green carpet, and clicked by my blog friend Magiceye, at the Mahim Nature Park, in Mumbai.  

Posted on his Mumbai Daily bog, as part of the Saturday Photohunt series

The fine yellow fabric with woven gold lines, , the tentative delicate stepping,  and the advent in spring, of a normally crowded wedding season in  Mumbai, just gave me some ideas....

Read on .:-) 

Back amidst
the greens and flowers
where she grew up,
at first crawling
on some easy trees,
then cocooned secretly
intricate inside a
wild rose bush,
she appears now,
in a
gossamer ashtaputri sari,
daintily stepping,
on a green carpet,
by the gentle breeze
and supported
by the newest stems.

The unseen groom
in an orange brown
gold-shot silk sherwani,
with baited antennas,
on a bougainvilla
at the other end.

A few "single" moments
and they will fly off,
by the crickets and koels,
for their "honey"moon
at the Ovalekar Butterfly Park.....


  1. What is it about marriages in your poems of late? Anniversary approaching? :)

    1. Nahi re .:-) Incidentally I am also writing poems on food lately. Hopefully, i am not putting on gluttonous weight :-))

      Its just all those wonderful photos people put up .....

    2. ha ha..on marriages and food poetry ;-)

      These are very common in my garden too and lately I have been thinking why I like more the flitting butterflies and go on a hunting spree for the caterpillars which gnaw at my herbs so vehemently :(