Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bowing Crow, Smiling Sun

I have never seen a bowing crow.  But my friend Magiceye saw one, and immediately, his magic camera, automatically clicked.  And he posted it  here.

Given the state of the  city today, one sees lots of folks bowing, or planning to bow to lots of other folks.  That may explain the epidemic of bad backs and frozen shoulders these days.

This particular crow doesn't have any of those afflictions, because it is possibly bowing for a totally different reason.      Read on ....

Another day, another time,
nobody would have clicked this chap.

But today,
questions are raised
about bowers and bowees.

Is he bowing
he got the MHADA application form
after great difficulty ?

Is he bowing
the hawaldar who caught him cawing
didn't charge a "fine ?"

Is he bowing
they didn't
close the ticket counter
before he reached there in the queue?

Is he bowing
because the vegetable vendor
didn't shoo him away,
when he flew in 
to look at the wares?

Or is he bowing
because the building society
didn't use spiky pointy tops
on this metal fence ?

Difficult to tell.

In a world
where trees are disappearing,
people lose tempers very fast
for the stupidest reasons,
money doesn't go
to those who work,
but to those who tell lies,
and roads are more like
pieces of concrete amidst holes,
this guy
is just pleased
that nothing comes
between him and the morning Sun,
as he takes off
and he is performing
in gratitude.....