Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Bozoical "Eyes" have it !

Yes. Like our esteemed Madame Speaker says in Parliament, "The Eyes have it !"...

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog  at his contemplative best, is back once again. Summer has set in,  and  he doesn't really feel like getting out into the hot sweaty Mumbai air. It is so much nicer to wander in the house, and lie down occasionally on the cool floor, generally keeping an eye on things, as everyone is busy with their own work.

Of course, his mentor and chronicler , Magiceye,  takes such excellent pictures with his magic camera,  that  Bozo is a very willing model for closeups and stuff. 

Particularly, ever since he found out that blond hair and blue eyes, in no longer the gold standard; it is now blond hair and honey brown shining eyes......(eat your heart out, Carter Road Lassie...)--- 

For a hero,
born a natural light blond
with light silver streaks
who ran with the pack
in his childhood,
I've left
my wild running days
ever since the
doc sat me down,
and gave me a piece of his mind.

We dogs
have life stages too,
and I am
currently enjoying
in my posh old age.

I keep a keen watch on things,
do my exercises,
and stretches,
and curb my impulse to
run after a ball in the garden
as I sedately
walk with Deepak
wearing my new harness.

So many memories,
so much fun as a child,
and I store them all
in my heart
which actually overflows.

Playing with the children,
lying quietly
near the desk
as they studied,
shuffling restlessly
at the kitchen door
amidst the smell of
lip smacking fish,
and standing in style
in the car
driving by,
sneezing at the cop at the corner.

Learning to hear
and understand a "No",
thrilled to wag my tail
in anticipation of a "yes",
it has been a
great time
to be a dog.....

How great ?

Just look into my eyes.

You will see everything
reflected there...

You know why ?

Because ,
unlike you,
with an interfering brain,
my eyes
have a direct connection
to my heart.....

****Schwaanprasthashram :  Waanaprasthashram is the old-age-retired-detached stage for humans.  Schwaan happens to be Sanskrit for dog.  :-)


  1. wow!! bozo sends you a warm woof!!!

    1. Thank you and a great big bow-wow back ....

  2. Hey Suranga, the last verse sounds as if only humans have a brain, even if an interfering one. Bozo I am sure has a bigger one than humans because he is allowing his eyes a direct access to his heart.

    1. I agree. Bozo's brain is clearly bigger and smarter. :-)

  3. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog, Suranga!! I love it and Sam was impressed, too!