Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bozoical Self-Doubts

You know what, at the end of the day, Bozo, Mumbai's only-dog-with-his-own-blog is only human. 

Like our Bollywood heroes, he sometimes gets plagued with self doubts about his image.  But unlike them, he is much smarter.  And understands his own body.

Magiceye, his mentor and activity chronicler, caught him in one of his moods, when he seemed to wonder if he was a bit on the fat side.....
While Bozo is a smart chap, and has reasoned out the answers, it is very clear, that  he is , as they say, "loaded";   not with fat, but with lots of endorphins and love.

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Mind you,
this question
kind of skimmed my mind,
when Rani
newest building ladydog,
didn't even glance my way....

I don't subscribe to vanity.

My Mom taught me
to accept life with Grace
and be grateful.

And so
my main activity
is watching other folks
in the building gym,
my abductor muscles
lean back and take it easy.

I've received so much;
love, concern,care,
fun,play, companionship ,
even admonishing,
my heart is
simply overloaded,
and sometimes,
it just becomes too heavy...

And like Deepak's car carburettor,
you can adjust a screw
you don't burn fuel too fast,
I too
have a doggy thyroid
now adjusted to "slow",
to protect my heart.

I heard the Parel docs
that one may
put on some weight....

It's OK.

I still fit 
in the
almirah mirror
when I stand in front of it,
I have my world wide admirers
and some
even make poems on me.

Who wants to be size zero, anyway ?
Even Kareena Kapoor
has started putting on weight
listening to me.....


  1. Priceless it is!! And I, Sam Schnauzer, says Hooray! Someone finally says it like it is!


    1. Sam, Thank you ! Glad to be of help ....

  2. Bozo is perfect as he is! (says Luci) :)

    1. Hey Shail! Thank you, and tell Luci, I knew I could count on her. The new fangled Rani types really dont understand.....