Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Runways and Flights of the Mind

My blogger friend Magiceye, went on a road trip to the northwest region some months ago. This a great photo he clicked, of the birds in action, in the friendly skies  of Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan, amidst the traditional desert architecture, with a cell phone tower, sticking out, totally out of place.

Kind of got me thinking about the Skies of over our metro cities , which are crowded with man-made flying "birds", and how the ATC folks restrict the skies, when some Big Birds are scheduled to fly in. 

The Big Old Traffic Controller
in the Skies,
with a thousand eyes
on hundreds of flights,
some soaring,
some landing,
some vertically taking off,
some flying in pairs
and formations,
never ever discriminates.

or non-living kites,
VIP birds,
proletarian crows,
migratory guests,
balloons and blimps
in importance
pervading the space.

There are
on life's runways
for all
at all times,
even during
visits of
hefty clouds
sometimes dark and loaded.....

And we
close our skies
and our minds
and our eyes
and restrict flights
some Big Clo(u)ds are anticipated.

We never learn, do we ?


  1. Awesome photo and equally matching words. :)

  2. Ah, no, we never do!! Wonderful words to go with a gorgeous capture!


  3. Will never learn...until we lose everything completely.

    Very interesting angle, yours!