Monday, April 2, 2012

Flavored photos, delicious clicks.....

Facebook is getting delicious these days. Folks like my blogger friend Magiceye travel the country, order wonderful meals in simple places, and then click the stuff , before they demolish it all .

If I were the camera , I would feel downright jealous and hungry....

Here is something Magiceye posted on his post at .   A spicy, tangy biryani studded with veggies and assorted whole spices, and cooled with a wonderful onion tomato, and possibly cucumber raita, with a roasted papad thrown in for crunch and balance. 

What you probably do not see , is  a great glassful of lassi or chhaas(buttermilk)  on the side...... 

Enjoy !  No calories for reading and watching..... 

Like some of our politicians,
cooked plain rice,
from humble
rural field origins
has a come a long way.

And unlike them,
it never forgot its friends.
The hardy onion,
smashed with a farmers fist,
and eaten with a bhakri,
during a break in the
transplanting of rice.

A smattering of veggies,
it would see in a
small plastic basket
in a corner of the small house,
kept for special days
the kids were home.

And garlic,ginger
pulled out
of a small fragrant
wet backyard garden patch,
overrun with tulsi and kadhipatta.

Big folks have big names
for stuff they like.

And like the girl
whose name 
changed after marriage,
the simple
spicy vegetable studded rice
eaten with a matka of chhaas,
raw onion,
and a sizzling green chilly ,
now preens
Vegetable Biryani
cooled down
by a curd
mixed with tomatoes, onions and cucumber,
the crunch
being offered by a
solitary papad,
crackling on the sidelines.

There is one more difference.

We went back
to work in the fields
after a lunch ....

The Biryani types
slowly become horizontal
or walk back to office
in the mid-day Sun,
" How can I work after a lunch like this ?".....