Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oondi ka Swayamvar

Sometimes, I think Magiceye's Magic camera has its own reactions when confronted with yummy stuff, and actually makes its viewfinder water. Which is why you see that effect in the photos. Which you feel like eating. :-)

This is a picture of Oondi, a traditional Kokani breakfast concoction, made with Rawa(cream of rice), Coconut, some tempering, spicing, and an amazing steaming.
Recipe here

And while it's all fine to photograph and make poems on stuff, let's hear it for the lady of the house, who really makes these wonderful things and keeps the culinary traditions alive !

She's a big girl now,
always discussing
facepacks, and pimples,
and makeup.

And so a day arrived,
when she,
Oondi Rawakumari,
was nicely washed
and immersed in water
and throughly
rubbed with
grated coconut scrub
in a machine.

Resting soon
in a kadhai,
nicely warmed in
touching oil
with mustard and fenugreek seeds
gossiping and crackling away;
then nicely spiced,
and everyone quietly
shutting up
and coming together,
thinking about her bidaai
as the tears dry away....

The final beauty treatment
is still pending.

Steamed under pressure
into great shape,
the seeds
like  kala tikkas
on a pretty face,
she emerges,
all shining
on a plate.

A bit of ghee
annointed on her head,
and she stands ready,
on her wedding day,
the Swayamvar,
to receive the baraat
of the deadly spicy Garlic Kumar....


  1. Replies
    1. I guess Oondi Rawakumari cam now be declared Miss India-Kokan.......:-)