Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sewri Stars

My blog and FB friend Anuradha Shankar clicked this amazing photograph on a trip to watch flamingos at the Sewri mud-flats on Mumbai's eastern seaboard, a few days ago..

Anuradha blogs at  A Wandering Mind ...

It almost looks like they are practicing some typical Bollywood film dance steps.

Naturally a few of our fussy heroines came to mind. 

Shooting on location
"The Disappearing Mangroves"
Katrina Kaif,
Kareena Kapoor,
and Priyanka Chopra,
who have just flown in
from the west
only for this schedule,
their item number steps.....

And that is Kareena
her stubborn
stick in the mud act,
her costume
has lesser streaks of pink.....

What you don't see
is a cast of
a thousand extras,
fluttering around ,
pecking their way amidst
the dirt,
studded with
and industrial sludge.

The producers provide
a watery landscape for the stars,
not because
that's how
the land  should be,
but this way,
the three can check their make-up
in the reflections,
every now and then....

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  1. Thanks so much, Suranga!!! I posted the poem on my blog too... only then saw this post, so have linked to it too...