Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aishwaristic Attitudes

My FB and blogger friend Varsha Tiwary, is a bureaucrat, poet, photographer, blogger and food-as-medicine researcher, currently posted in the capital. 

She recently posted these wonderful captures of peacocks/peahens , and the exquisite beauty, the confidence, the slight plumpness, and the grace, simply brought to mind, a certain Bollywood actress, now a dedicated new mother, who has kept mostly within the family confines for privacy, and  is being criticised for not being size zero.  But who, to keep commitments, put in some efforts and made the mandatory appearance at the red carpet in Cannes, as a brand ambassador for a cosmetic company, who obviously thinks she is still very beautiful. 

Varsha herself  amazingly also thought of Cannes too, and had made her own wonderful poem , before I penned this one. Do read it here.

(All  photos by Varsha Tiwary)

A new life event
and a closing in of all around her,
she stands
a bit puffed
but resplendent at the fence,
having known
what it is
to be at the top.


She stands
on a ledge
her reputation
trailing beauteously behind her
gracefully falling
on the gossipy
dried minds
spread all across the garden floor.


Practicing the red carpet walk
in amazing turquoise grace,
she bends and bows
to acknowledge
the cheers
as the dry gossipers
disperse around her
on the ground.


A final climb
on the podium,
puffed in pride
about her little one,
she stands
in exquisite balance
feet together,
surrounded by
so many greens
pushing each other
and up on their toes,
all wanting
to shake hands with her.

Yes, she has made up her mind.
She will
go to Cannes...


  1. Walking the red carpet at Lodhi garden :-)

    1. Sangeeta , really ? You mean you get to see these when out for a walk in the Lodhi Gardens ? Wow!

  2. As graceful as the word goes. I'd love to see the beauty grace 10, Janpath instead!

    1. USP, I think metrosexual capital peacocks are apolitical.....

  3. Oh Suranga you leave me speechless with your beautiful photo prompted poetry : it makes me feel like a Salim Ali and Mike Pandey rolled into one :)

    1. Varsha, Thank you, and I simply cannot get over how both of us thought about Cannes simultaneously!
      Just wanted to ask, pardon my ignorance , but yeh Mike Pandeyji kaun hai "

  4. un perfecto! How how how do you do this!

  5. The poetess who complements so many wonderful blog posts of diverse bloggers! Indeed she will go!

  6. A perfect comparison. :) Loved the poem and the pics. :)

  7. Gorgeous, the pics and the poem both