Monday, June 4, 2012

Cloud Convention Chaos

Kerala, the state at the southernmost tip of India , is like the Gateway for the Southwestern Monsoon. Every year, the first monsoon rainfall in Kerala, is enthusiastically reported , and the advancing monsoon watched avidly, by farmers, meteorologists, and TV weathermen. This year , the monsoon is keeping folks in suspense. Clouds gather, mobilize to work together, but just like our legislative representatives, there is much coming together, thundering, and nothing happens, as protests, arguments and fights take over.

 My friend Shail Mohan, who clicked this in Trivandrum says :

 The hopes of Trivandrumites were dashed to the ground as no unanimous consensus could be reached in yesterday's Great Cloud Convention held over their skies as to when exactly rain-work should start. Rebel cloud groups staged walkouts on not being allowed to be the first to give of their bounty. Minor cloud groups could be seen dispersing in disarray as confusion prevailed over the Weatherman's report and the Cloud leader's orders. Meanwhile the hapless Trivandrumites were left to boil in their own juices as clouds big and small sulked in the different parts of their sky."

And then, one wondered, about the Madam Speaker, on the podium, with her marshalls, trying to keep a semblance of order, and finally adjourning the proceedings. 

(photo by Shail Mohan)
And the lady
on the podium
with curly hair
and a smile,
not to mention
a camera in hand,
with two special plantain trees
and a lady dog
standing guard in full uniform behind her,
said ,
"Please, please,
calm down,
let the cloud
have its say,
that is its atmospheric right...."

But the members didn't listen.
They just thundered
and walked away
with the opposition winds
blowing behind them.

As of now,
the sky stands adjourned
till further notice...

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