Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burning thoughts....

My blogger friend Magiceye recently posted this picture as part of the Camera Critter series in his blog Mumbai Daily .

This is a picture of a crow and a few cattle egrets, observing something in great contemplation above a garbage dump in Bandra, the queen of Mumbai suburbs, and home to some interesting politicians....

In view of the recent conflgrations , and massive fire in the state secretariat some distance away (but possibly visible to birds), the common suspicion in the mind of the common man, attributing it to unnatural causes, having to do corruption, one feels this picture conveys the current situation on governance in the country....

In the face
of a life
a sinusoidal changing
bottom line,
The Crow Chief Minister
seriously watching
the fire mayhem
some distance away,
by his
redoubtable deputies,
at a discreet distance.

Two of them,
with a brave
pseudo ignorant face,
and one,
kind of
still making up his mind ,
and pressurized by others
to whom he owes his place in the shade.

Below them
the real garbage accumulates,
if it too
will face the same future
as some stuff
deemed inconveneient garbage by some,
that recently burnt
a birds eye view away
in the distance.


  1. Almost riddle-like, but do my thoughts get corroborated in your poem? Was there more than what met the eyes in that fire?

    ps: If I ever forget to write 'Excellent' on your poems, please forgive me but also understand that it is supposed to be the default value!

    1. USP, Yes, I would like to pose that question too. In fact it is something to be greatly ashamed about, that on hearing the news, most of the population thought like this.

      And thank you for the very kind words, (bows), but there is no default value for the poems....starts from zero every single time :-)) I am honored by whatever comments I get for every poem.