Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kiske paas kaunsi Raj ma Hai ?

I bet you never knew about Saatvic and  Taamasi Rajmas. 

Actually, neither did I.

Till I actually saw the amazing click of Rajma Curry by my friend Magiceye, which he posted here.

Brushing aside the deep urge to gorge on the delicious goodies, I actually did some research on the Life and Times of Raj Ma.  And this is what I found.   Decide who is your own Rajma.

dedicated ascetic
purple robed Ma's
a nightlong immersion
patted a bit dry
and left to themselves,
sprout in
sheer happiness,
and become one with the earth,
then to rise
and become the next generation,
and ambitiously climbing,
curling around
stiff folks
standing upright in the soil,
only to one day,
get tired of it all,
dry up,
and emerge as little Ma's.

And then are
the Tamasi
purple robed Ma's
that perform Jalakrida
the whole night,
only to be caught
and pressured
and cooked
the next morning.

Angry but excited
at the hot prospect
of socilaizing
with the
Onion Khan,
Tomato Singh,
Ginger Kapoor
 and Garlic Kumar,
while a chorus
of chillies
and popping mustards
performs in the oil,
they bubble over,
pushing aside
the jealous green coriander
trying to see
if the long awaited
Basmati Rao Chawal
has arrived.

At one time,
the ascetic
would have been honored
and called Raj Ma,
for being the eternal mother.

It is a sign
of the
Kalyugi times,
that the Tamasi
Vamp version
gets the title
of Raj ma today,
simply because
she knows the right people
in right places,
Basmati Rao.....

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