Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bozoical remedies......

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog  is back again !  This time, in action , as he carefully searches for doorva/durva grass, or possibly lemon grass to chew.

He is immensely lucky that he has what can be called a grass garden-in-a-pot planted exclusively for him . And despite all these loaded words and nomenclatures, certain police officers will not even give him a second look.

Because Bozo, follows SchwaanVeda, where fellows who have stomach upsets, search for certain grasses and chew them, and then throw up all the bothersome infectious stuff that is making them sick.

His chronicler and mentor Magiceye, clicked him on one of his searches.

Something to learn, for those , who mix vegetation with alcohol, throw up money,  and propagate infection in society.

 And never notice how green the grass is !

I am now convinced
that everyone gets
the world they deserve.

Those who
fight, and hurt,
end up rushing to
the same happens to their
confused innards.

But some
who value what they have,
enjoy the food
made with love and simplicity,
and listen to their body,
are blessed
with great folks
and family.

I follow Schwaanveda myself,
a change of season,
a hot summer,
sudden rains
and mountain water
bothers my stomach,
I chew
on doorva grass
and lemon grass
to detoxify.

Earlier I would
wander in the garden

But no more.

Not everyone
has an
in-house herbarium
like I do,
planted specially for me
I only share
my doorvas grass
with Ganpati Bappa..

I've heard
that these
smart evolved bipeds
have a sense of smell
100 times less
than mine.

Even then,
they only keep smelling
and money.

To get well
you must have time to smell the grass, na ?


  1. Ha ha! Shwanveda and do I smell references to Kaka ji? You never forget to take pot shots on the bipeds. Thoroughly entertaining!