Friday, June 15, 2012

Bozoical Flights......

Bozo  ,  Mumbai's only-dog-with-his-own-blog  really gets around....  Not only did he recently take off on a flying quick vacation with his family to Lonavla in the Sahyadri mountains, but he also manged to come back, and blog about it in the blog maintained by his friend Pablo of Bandra . Pablo, of course  has an awesome blog of his own at Pablo's (P)awesome Wisdom  .

Magiceye captured an excited Bozo, out on his first long distance trip by road......thinking about folks who keep flying in and out of his life.....

I've often watched
and birds
and wondered
what flying was all about !

And then I learned
flying wasn't all about
moving wings
alighting on trees,
zipping around
with eats in your beaks
and flitting around....

It was all about
sitting next
to your childhood friend,
in a car,
zipping by,
flying past,
and then
flying into the clouds
through tunnels
past valleys,
to land
so smoothly,
in a wonderful green place
up in the mountains.

Slow taxiing
through gardens and woods,
with my friend,
occasional take offs
on sighting
thoughtless rabbits
and butterflies
ad then great
delicious fun meals
with the family.
lolling around in the grass.

I dont have wings
that I need to use,
but at my age
I get tired soon.

And while,
am back at home,
a long happy nap,
I let my mind
free and far,
thinking about the time
she will be back again
and we will go again into the hills,
and maybe see
those other
noisy things that fly,
with so many people
but don't have as much fun
as I do.....


  1. Now I want to be live like Bozo too--his life is far more interesting than mine....

  2. This is so great! Bozo does indeed have quite and exciting life! Sam Schnauzer is envious!!!

  3. Wonderful lines about flying and coming from Bozo, they are even more meaningful. Rest more and fly less physically but all you want in your mind, Bozo! Take care...

    1. Zephyr, Thank you. Wish I could myself follow Bozo's philosophy...:-))

  4. Replies
    1. Magiceye, thank you ! Just wondering if Bozo and Pablo ever met for a bloglunch ?

    2. Loved the poem, Suranga. Pablo's really friendly and loves to meet other dogs and people of course!

    3. Corinne, Thank you! I just love how folks like Bozo and Pablo have blogs !

  5. Replies
    1. JANU, Hmm. That's an interesting reaction! And yes, welcome to this blog !