Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bozoical Good Times

For Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog, this has been a  very busy and exciting time.  The young daughter of the house who rescued him  as a child and took him home, was expected home on a visit, and there was a flurry of activities.

Dont know if Bozo's friends across the seas know this, but in India, its a BIG thing when a daughter of the house (mahervasheen) comes to her parental home (maher)  on a rare visit(maherpan), busy as she is in her marital home.   And Bozo, as a member of the family was totally involved.

She has now gone back, and as Bozo says, taken the Mumbai Sun with her.  Sometimes, coming down from such an exciting high , tires you. And his mentor and chronicler, Magiceye, clicked him as he was having a cool nap....

Some days
the Sun shines bright
and contrary to
what the doc says,
I feel so light in my heart.

So many years
since I came home
with the
daughter of the house;
sat by their feet
as she and her brother,
fooled around,
and searched their life paths
for the future.

I've been part
of exam days,
result days,
wedding days,
farewell bidaii days.
And shared
so many ups and downs.

But this has been
an exciting time.
So many laughs,
rides to airports,
trips in the mountains,
nuzzling up
and being back-rubbed
as she sat
immersed in memories
with a cup of tea...

The Mahervasheen was home,
I remembered
all the good old days.

Where I come from,
this is a time
for making
a huge amount of fuss
over her,
and great food
and shopping,
not to forget,
me tagging along
in my new Gold medal.

She has gone back,
and taken
the Sun with her;
I now lie,
and a bit fatigued
with all the excitement,
watching the Monsoon
arrive for its own Maherpan.....


  1. A masterpiece indeed and OH, so true!!


  2. Goodness me! The journey of a lifetime captured in so few lines! The joys and excitements, the sadness and grief, the meeting and parting....

    1. USP, Thank you . I'm telling you, this Bozo is a very very perceptive type .....

  3. You deserve the cool nap, Bozo, after all the hectic activity :)And do you know, the sun is shining in her part of the world and that is what you like best, don't you? Hugs.

    1. Hey Zephyr, Thanks and hugs back ! I guess she is sharing the Sun with you too ! As some Pippa person said, God is in heaven, all's right with the world!

  4. This is such a sweet and unique way of writing and responding and collaborating...I am smiling away...