Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bozoical Olympics

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog is thrilled to bits. These are reunion times, and Bozo is spending some much needed time with the young one who was responsible for  making him a member of the Magiceye family, many years ago.    

Both Bozo , and the young one, are no longer children, and have gone their own ways in life. But in this year of the London Olympics, Bozo appreciates his training and initiation into the sporty things in life, and at the moment isn't saying anything, as he lies near the sofa , getting his back rubbed, wearing his latest acquisition ; his own Gold medal!

The excitement is too much; he keeps shaking his head, despite Magiceye's request to be still,  and so this time, we simply get to see the new medal;  we can always picture in our minds, the expression on his face !

My life
has been like
the Olympics
soon to happen in London.

Soon after birth,
it was
an intense training
obstacle races,
where some obstacles
threw stones,
others growled,
and some came after you
with a vehicle.

But I was spotted,
and taken
to home and heart
by my young coach.

A great training
in daily behaviour and practice,
restrained imbibing,
and keeping
the body
and environs clean.

The young coach
has many responsibilities now
and is not always
even so young anymore.

But I continue to follow
what I have learned.

My sport has always been the hurdles.
And jumps.

So many hurdles,
kids who threw stones,
keeping my temper in check,
controlling myself
from chewing footwear,
and learning to eat
without lugging
the food
all over the place;

Long jumps
across several stairs
on seeing the
young ones
return home,
and sprinting after the car
in the evening
as Deepak drove home 
from work.

High jumps
trying to
pat shoulders
of the young one,
now grown taller then me,
returning home
after many days

A lifetime of this,
and like
our Cricket greats,
I too went for a
medical check up.
To Parel ,
and not to Australia
or UK.

No surgeries,
but they've advised rest.

My lifetime coach
is back
from London
on a visit,
and this time
perhaps in honor
of the Olympics 2012,
I have been given
the greatest gift
any sportsdog
can get....

A personalized Olympic Gold medal
now hanging
proudly round my neck.

Woof !


  1. Good as the golden badge that hangs by the hairy neck of Bozo.

  2. THis is like a story! Great, Suranga! The gold medal is beautiful!