Friday, June 15, 2012


The latest in a series of "eatable" photographs by my blog friend Magiceye/Deepak Amembal, is this highly mouth watering one of Idlies smothered with MolgaPudi...

Molgapudi, is a mixture made out of roasted and ground udad dal, chana dal, red chillies, mustard seeds, kadhipatta (curry leaves) , oil, hing(asoefatida), and salt.

Found in almost every home, it is often the garnish of choice when idlis are carried in school lunch boxes etc (where wet items may spill and are inconvenient).

There is nothing better than digging into idlies , smothered by a a paste of gingelly oil/ghee and MolgaPudi.....

Just brought to mind some places, where appearances are everything ......

Some arrive
A Suchitra Sen,
the soft curve
of her white palloo-covered head
and graceful contours,
on a bone china plate
fashionably aloof
from the
proletarian chutney,
and burning-with-ambition sambaar....

Some arrive,
like Paresh Rawal,
in a white Dhoti,
amidst masses of plates
containing brethren,
carried by fellows
with pencils stuck behind ears,
every one's orders
stuck in their minds,
are dug into
by a hungry audience
itching to dunk
into a
flustered sambaar
high on color,
but low on quantity...

But some,
dedicated to
a lunch-box life,
make the best
of the Molga Poodi,
in a box-corner,
and get pushed around
so much
in school bags
in short recesses
and long kicks,
that they emerge
at lunchtime,
hot, red and spicy,
in lipsmacking glory,
like perhaps
an item girl,
an un-badnam Munni,
trying to sing
a Sheila song,
"My name is Idli,
Idli ki Jawani,
yeh saare yum yum cheezomein,
Mai dekh khadi hoon Raanee...."


  1. mmmm...I have been using my flax seeds lasun chutney liberally these days.
    I liked Paresh rawal's role in this Idliwood ;-)

  2. yummy indeed..but i cant eat anything spicy at molagai podi :(

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  4. The Molgai podi avataar carries the most spicy aura. Suchitra Sen and Paresh Rawal versions provide interesting contrasts. I liked the interesting tales cleverly tuck into their soft white bellies.

    1. USP, Thank you! Actually, personally I prefer idli with the fresh white coarsely ground coconut chutney..dipping the idli into a katori of chutney; like a woman in white, bending,gathering all her playful kids around her, and the going somewhere together... must stop before another poem happens ...:-))

  5. hahaha...molgapodi idly like an item girl number? hahaha! I need to pay more attention to my food and watch what it tells me! You rock, Suranga!!! These poems are one-of-a-kind:)

    1. Bhavana, Thank you! Like I mentioned to USP above, I am personally happier with the routine white coconut chutney. But MolgaPudi even sounds like a fancy name for a item number performer ....:-)))

  6. And I am eyeing them greedily just like Gulshan Grover would do. You are a genius!

    1. Kavita , Thank you ! So we're all set for a movie ! The idea of you being Gulshan Grover is absolutely brilliant and amazing . I bet they havent had a dentist villain so far...:-))