Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lunar questions...

My FB friend Amit Amembal, recently posted a wonderful capture , of what I think is a setting moon. Captured on his mobile phone. And posted it here.

The Monsoon sky in Mumbai, and possibly in the Sahyadri Ghats (which is where I suspect this was clicked) is always a very impressive visual with overpowering black clouds above, and a kind of clearing happening on the horizon, where the normal clouds enjoy moments of peace before the laden ones arrive.

I thought it would be fun for the Moon to be stuck between the two .  If you really want to know what the moon thinks, read on .

I first wrote verse in Marathi (the King's Language), then an effort followed in the Queen's language.  :-) 

Incidentally, I now know three Amembals who take amazing photographs . Just saying .

 (photograph by Amit Amembal)
कुणा एकाचा अवकाशातील फेरफटका ,
मंद प्रकाश ,
अस्तास जाणारा चन्द्र
अणि रस्त्याच्या दुतरफा,
काही शुभ्र फेअर अणि लव्हली ,
अणि काही गडद डार्क अणि लव्हली
मेघना दाटी दाटीने उभ्या .....

गडबडून गेलेला चन्द्र,
हताशपणे सुर्योदयाची वाट पहात
स्वताहाशीच म्हणतो ,
"हे सगळ फेअर अणि डार्क
ज़रा अतीच होतय आज काल,
कोणी सुर्यासारखे ,
साय अणि आंबे हळद लाउन
तेजाने झळकत नहीं हेच खर ....

 The Moon,
after an
active night wandering,
at his impending departure,
is suddenly aware
of being
the point of interest
a bevy of cloudy
Fair and Lovelies,
Dark and Lovelies
crowding both sides
of the sky path,
threatening to cover him.

A bashful fellow,
he simply
and decides to stand firm
waiting for sunrise,
" All this business
of Fair and Dark
is going too far these days;
How come

no one
displays the glow
of a Sun,
who looks like he applied
Ambehaldi with Fresh Cream

at the crack of dawn ?" 


  1. You are right. This was the setting moon on Ashada Eladashi but not the actual Sayahdri. This was the Vashi Mankhurd range. Clicked from the mobile using no flash and manual focus shift to the subject and from the moving car which made it look blurred! :-)