Sunday, June 17, 2012

Omlettes and the Presidency

On this windy monsoon Sunday morning, you feel full just seeing this photograph of a Tomato Omelette, Maharashtra's veggie answer to what the world calls an Omelette. ( A devil and the deep-blue-sea kind of choice for the chicken; either way it dies)

 My blog friend, Magiceye, possibly after photographing, and eating several of these, must have posted the photographs on

 Mrs Magiceye, please take a bow ! You create all these wonders, and Magiceye gets all the likes and comments......

But it did bring to mind the current item of interest in the National News......


The important
Chana Chair-atta
in meaningful talks with
the Tomato Party
the Onion-Mirchi Coalition
sitting all cut up
to one side,
and the PaniMaa
comes sweeping in
with a single powerful Chamchaa,
bidding everyone to unite
for the Batterji....

Sometimes the
All India Ginger-Garlic Bandhu
test the waters,
watching some other
powerful spicy members
jumping in.

Then its a hot trial
by fire
on a smoking  griddle
as the
ChairAtta moves around
holding all together,
not allowing them
to separate.... 

Despite the
Dosa-Utthappa-Dhirda faction,
for Madam ChairAtta,
this Tomato Presidency Election
is very important.

Two stiff
military attaches,
wait to escort,
slowly marching
in golden cadence.

it has been
a non-violent event,
but nevertheless,
has drawn some
seriously red  ketchup....


  1. You have recreated in microscopic detail the farce of Indian presidential election. You have subtly used the equations of power and political brinkmanship to concoct the batter of your poem. Is that red ketchup a mincemeat of national ambitions and aspirations?

    1. USP, this is just politics in everyday life.... dont know who learns from who ! In the meanwhile, enjoy the Tomato omlette .....

  2. Replies
    1. I agree , the taste must have been abs brilliant :-))

  3. What an omelette! Really laughing my guts out here

    1. Ritu, Thank you ! But then, most of the times, politics is a joke. Best to sit down and simply enjoy the Omlette...

  4. ha ha..Batterji..
    Very good. Serious stuff which makes us laugh :-)

    1. I was hoping you would notice I didnt use oil ! A spoonful of your flax chutney added to the mixture, and maybe all the politicians would suddenly behave differently ? Perhaps ?:-))