Saturday, June 9, 2012

Secrets of the Bees

My FB friend and photography enthusiast, Suhas  Baljekar from Camberly in the UK, not only takes wonderful photos, but imparts some great information along with it.

Ever wondered  how the bees do not slip on the slippery petals of flowers, when they are drinking the nectar ?

 Scientists at Cambridge University have shown that it is down to the structure of the petals and the ability of the bee to recognise this structure by touch alone.

Petals of flowers have tiny, cone-shaped loops. The size of these cones varies from flower to flower. The fur on the bees’ legs hooks on to these cones. Scientists also found that the stronger the breeze, the more the bees settle on petals that have larger conical loops.

  As he says "nature invented Velcro before man did ".....

Trust human beings to abuse this  velcro mentality.....

(photo by Suhas Baljekar)
Hundreds and thousands of
innocent citizen petals,
opening up
to a new world,
in a new sun
his efficiency,
his learning
and his wisdom.

And the intimidating looking
minister politician bee
slippery in attitude,
and evil in his eyes
hooks his marauding legs
on cones
belonging to the public,
there is always
a hole in the loop.

The idea propagates
with an ill wind,
and more
minister-politicians gather
to mess with the helpless petals
who hope
that one day
the marauders
will be stung badly
by their own.

A new day,
more blooms,
more bees
and more hope......


  1. Bees, too, huh?? Sorry they seem to be following in our politicians footsteps/wing steps???! Sad but true I'm afraid! Great words as always1


  2. Not bees, not bees. No way bees :(