Monday, June 25, 2012

Life of Padwalibai....or Miss Snake-Gourd...

I never thought I would be making a poem on a snake gourd.

But my blogger friend Magiceye posted this amazing photograph of Snake Gourd pieces stuffed with some yummy spicy potato filling, sizzling on skewers, and a poem happened.

The story could be that of a humble simple woman, lost in the attractions of fast modern life as we know it, and possibly , one day, harking back to it, and thinking about old times, as she rests .... 

Padwal : Marathi for Snake Gourd...

Her life
is all
about being
green, slim and supple
and humbly
offering her help,
often at
the cost of her looks.

her mind too,
as they delve deep in,
and ferret out her fibrous thoughts.

A sign of the times,
disposing off tough aspects
of life
filling it with

She is a bit cut up
there is no looking back,
as ,
she unknowingly
gets used
to hanging out on party skewers,
in high fat makeup
slathered around and shining.

A fast life
herself at both ends,
the body showing
effects of
fancy skin makeup.

Trying to be
what you are not,
in the process
of being attractive
to someone else.....


She leaves the party skewer,
to rest a bit
on a china plate,
that somewhere to the side,
a tear of liquid fat
has fallen,
thinking about
the old life on the Vine.


  1. Wow!! You are amazing Suranga!!

    1. Magiceye, supreme compliments to Mrs Magiceye for this droolworthy stuff ! Thank you !

  2. Brilliant is the only word I can say!

  3. I felt sorry for all the padwals I have eaten.You moved me to tears.

    1. VK, Like all else, Padwalibai also had to change with the times.Maybe for the worse. But she will learn, and improve , I guess. Such is life ....

  4. Awesome.
    Interestingly, I have never cooked with this vegetable, though I love trying new ingredients. It is not the Padwal , actually called Chichda in Hindi.

    1. Sangeeta, Thank you ! We cook this vegetable, in a simple recipe , by cutting it into small pieces, adding some soaked chana daal, and doing a tadka of mustard seeds, kadhi patta , green chillies , hing et al. Garnished with finely chopped coriander, and a bit of shredded fresh coconut, it makes a very healthy sabji. And yes, I did read that it was called Chichda in the north. I've seen this also used in saambhar.

  5. Amazing how you read the signs of the times while dressing up the vegetables for cooking! It is a masterpiece with a deeply moving end.