Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spiltting of the ends.....

Poetry on this blog is , typically visual poetry, in the sense , that a visual inspires verse. These visuals are most often wonderful photo captures by some extremely talented photobloggers , who very kindly allow flights of my imagination to become verse.

 I recently did a hair care survey subsequent to an email request, and it showed up as a status on FB . A blogger and FB friend Bhavana Nissima Upadhyaya   wondered if all that prospect of beautiful hair inspired a poem. 

I thought many folks make poems on beautiful hair. I had a look at the split ends in my hair , and got inspired....someone must write about them too, na ?

(Visual courtesey Google)
and smeared
in a placental forest
they arrive,
stylishly black,
and simply plastered
the crowning glory
of a new arrival
being ooh-ed and aah-ed by all.

Royal massages
and they sometimes curl up in comfort,
ringlet style
a soft rising up
a maternal blowing of air.

of running
in teenage wilderness ,
short on patience,
cropped close amidst friends,
sometimes orderly plaited,
sometimes defiantly curled,
someone's bad advice
they even change
colors completely
listening to someone streaking by,
and join up.

A difficult life,
devoid of all you had,
everything up front and showy,
but with nothing useful inside;
and then
fights happen,
and they majorly fall,
greying in the effort
sometimes even split....

Dont panic.
There is no need
of acrimonius courts.

Just a damage control shampoo will do.....:-)


  1. Loved reading it! As always:)

  2. That was so matter-of-fact! And yes, someone should also talk about split ends :)

  3. yeah thats why when i had split end I shaved my head off :) got new hair Easy peassy , I dont know why but i was smiling reading the poem