Saturday, June 2, 2012

The sweet Life.....

Blogger and FB friend from Bengaluru, Monika Manchanda, is an IT professional turned food blogger, food-business-entrepreneur and educator. Besides retailing her amazing bakery concoctions at the Chaipaty Teafe chain of eateries, she is busy keeping up with the orders she gets from all the hungry IT companies. She now conducts bakery classes on weekends which are much in demand, and has recently conducted fun baking classes for kids.

She has, been featured in the press , nationally and locally, and this picture was possibly clicked as part of one such feature for the Bangalore Mirror.

It's tough,
managing so many
little ones
with so many varying attitudes.

Little ones
in their individual seats,
occasionally clutching
choco chips
or strawberries
or walnuts,
faces smeared with
a rich creamy sweet smile

flaky rolls and buns
occupying the lower seats,
all wrapped up in themselves,
in exasperation
at the excited cupcakes.

Then some elder ones,
to live in discipline,
with different rules
mixed sometimes,
with forests of cream,
a rain of chocolate scrapings,
redolent with dry fruits,
enjoying their days
in the wetness
of the
sweet pineapple pieces,
wrapped all around
in a chocolatey-white
batik design;
a winsome cherry on top,
and two hands held out
to the heavens,
an amazing baking Day !

.......And a little voice,
watching from the sidelines,
eyes alight,
twinkling in great delight
pipes up and says,
"If Uncle has finished photos ,
can we cut the cake now
and eat ?"


  1. That is so warm and wonderful :) and the lady in the photo is such a Dish herself ;)

    Bhagoooooooooooooooooooo !

    1. HW, those who say Bhagooooooo and run, miss out on the piece of cake... its OK, I'll have your share, thank you!

  2. Awww at the last line and LOVE the shot!! Although it's unfair to publish such pictures ;)

    1. IHM, Thank you. It occurred to me that Ojas might simply be getting restless in the background...:-))

  3. I loved the last verse. You are an amazing poet

    1. Ritu, Thank you ! Her cakes look so delicious, that I think one can put on weight by merely looking at them. I write poems and pretend I am eating them :-)). And I thought Ojas was just waiting to dig into all the goodies....:-)

  4. thank u so much di, like I said cant explain how I feel right now

    @dhiren : phhhtttt keep running nahin I will catch and whack

    @ihm : thanks

  5. I keep repeating that I love the way you string your words in a wonderful poem each time :-)
    Monika is just wonderful. Her recent pic of the mango n mascarpone cake is still on my mind :-)

    1. Sangeeta, Thank you ! Yes, I too noticed the mango and mascarpone cake:-))

  6. Loved it. The poem, the workshop thats described so beautifully & ofcourse the person in the pic who is a personal favorite :)

    1. Ah ! You must be Chirag Chaipatty ! Thank you for the kind words, and welcome to this blog ....

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  8. This made me smile so much in this morning.

    Thank you for all the love <3