Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Hibiscus Aiiyyo moment ......

My blogger and FB friend Shail Mohan, has recently published a book of poetry, titled "Love, Loss and Acceptance". She writes several blogs, including a prose, poetry , photoblog and one  dedicated to the newest member of the family, Ms Luci.

Many of her photos celebrate the verdant greenery that she lives amidst, and it is not unusual for neighbors trees to be inadvertently showering petals and fruits into her garden.

Sometimes though, some flowers clearly act nosey.   Shail recently flew off on a vacation to a neighboring country, causing great interest in the hibiscus community at the neighbors.  They didn't realize she was back, and were surprised when they finally managed to peer over the wall....

(photo by Shail Mohan)
She clicks,
she writes,
she travels,
she plays with Luci,
she cooks
and she eats.

Then she wrote
a book of poetry
called “Love, loss and acceptance
flew off
to foreign lands.

The neighbors,
simply unrestrained,
blooming in curiosity,
on their toes,
trying to peer
over the wall,
in the face of
tough warnings from
the faithful plantain tree
and a growling Luci.

Only to see her
aiming with her camera,
as they bashfully look down.

Her love,
their loss,
acceptance of a great click
by all her friends…


  1. Yes, Shail is all you wrote Suranga! And you too! Nice peeping Toms's picture!

  2. Brilliant take Suranga :) I am FLOORED!

    1. Arise, Lady Shail, :-)) the photograph was brilliant... Thank you !

    2. OMG, now you have me back on the floor, rolling lol. ;)

  3. :) Awww.. loved this post - poetry, picture, prose and praise :)