Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Bozoical suggestion...

Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog,  is very upset.  He feels ashamed of Mumbai and the fact that women who work, are now so unsafe here.  Which was not the case earlier.

He has been thinking. There has to be someway he and his friends can help.

Lying down near the sofa
watching TV,
and peering over shoulders
at newpapers
is sometimes
so depressing
and distrurbing,
the only think I can do,
is lie down
somewhere quiet
and think.

Some news
just makes you go numb
and you start wondering
if there is any way
that you can help.

I've been so proud of my cousins,
like Janjeer,
who helped the police
sniffing out crimes,
all his life;
like Moti,
who guides
someone I know of,
who cannot see.
and Moti is,
actually his eyes.

Some of my cousins
are even great friends
with some kids
with schooling problems,
and helping them successfully. 

It just occurred to me,
that if the brave
photojournalist team
a trained brave dog
accompanying them,
maybe ,
just maybe,
she wouldnt have faced what she did.

I offer the services
of me and all my brethren.
Train us, and we will learn.
We will accompany,
and fight
anyone who tries to attack
the hard working, brave, Mumbai ladies.

With so many policemen
guarding so many insecure
and corrupt politicians,
and so few left
to maintain womens' security,
someone can give us a chance ?