Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tall Stories.....

One more amazing visual from the collection of my FB friend , Pandit Gourang Kodical. 

Current times, when offspring of so called tall folks in the limelight, have the spotlight shining on them, it is only fitting that the giraffes  do their bit to join in.

Besides, it is clear, that unlike some folks we know who change loyalties depending on a different green, , giraffes may change their color, mostly due to age, but they never ever, change their spots

(photo posted by Pandit Kodical)

The older ones, clearly in sepia....

The young frisky ones
on a break
after a brisk walk

and lunch,
making plans for
a night out
away from
parental telescopic vision.

What is clear
is the discussions
must happen
behind their
(the parents') backs....


  1. The title was so intriguing that it left me wondering what it is :)

    Good work and the giraffe pics is cute!