Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bozoical Shiroscratcha

Sometimes, this guy Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, simply amazes you with his capacity to observe and learn.

His amazing doggy cortex, is a storehouse of many things he has observed and heard over the years, and now that he is almost a senior citizen, he  is knowledgeable and grateful, that he is able to enjoy some of those things.

Many may not know this, but Bozo is Internet-Savvy, and has some suggestions too.....

My amazing childhood
with my
young friend
I would watch,
as she sat
watching Mahabharata
on TV,
on a weekend,
in front of Mom,
getting her hair
oiled and massaged
occasionally closing her eyes...

I am actually
a senior citizen now,
and I too ,
sit in front of the TV,
watching a different
useless political
and then
closing my eyes
in joy,
as Mom
gives me a scratch-massage
on my head.

They say
it reduces tensions,
improves your
and hearing.

OK. Woof.

I just wish
would do a Wiki entry
on Shiroscratcha... *****

*****  Shirodhara for dogs


  1. He's gone into a trance! Our Rajah loved having his ears cleaned with cotton buds and tissues.... he would go into a trance like this - reminded us of how they would do तो तो तो तो बाळी चा नवरा यो यो यो यो ! - while massaging little children's heads with oil! :)

  2. my vote for Shiroscratcha in wiki! :D