Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chocolate Soliloquies

My FB and blogging friend Harish Krishnan exhibits great self control when faced with sweet baked delights, and gets completely mesmerized by chocolate and icing.

He recently celebrated a birthday at his office by creating a photographic portfolio  for the chocolate cake  specially ordered for the occasion.  That was before it was demolished  by all.

You may drool over the entire portfolio here

Hmm. It's difficult  being a chocolate cake.....

(photo and eating by Harish Krishnan)
normally a very traditional
peaceful type,
all agitated,

curling in embarrassment
and simply going to pieces,
the piercing gaze
of a lens,
held by someone
who said he loved her.

A valiant defence
by some
stiff upright
conservative types
stuck amidst the pieces,
and she
sees the guy
with the knife,
in the light of the candle,
and says ,
"Hmmm. Happy Birthday, !
I always wondered
what you did at the office....!"

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm delicious way to celebrate any birthday!! And the perfect words as well!!