Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ek Sandwich ki Kahani.....

My blog and FB friend Dhiren Shah, is by profession, a finance person; for recreation, he treks in the mountains, photographs, writes about cricket with great emotion  and cooks ; but by nature , he simply loves, making the morning dabbas for his wife and son , to carry with them to school. (He works from home).

He clicked this photo of the sandwiches, when he couldn't resist the beauty of it all.  (The real beauty is in the fact that he made the sandwiches for his family)....  Kudos !

(photo and sandwiches by Dhiren Shah)
Two slices,
simply halved
in excitement,
under the buttery

soft makeup,
waiting for the
of slim kakdis
cool cucumbers,
and the
chutney villains.

Some smiling away,
with all the sweetness
of a jam,
lording it over
the ketchup.

Patience is the key,
as a Nikonwala
glares at them
through a view finder.

And then the lid
and they finally
find themselves alone,
in the box,
at a black and white "sport" resort....
"Hum Tum,
ek dabbe me band ho,
aur ....."


  1. :D :D :D :D

    You are just too too kind :)
    I don't make their dabba everyday... I give junior a bath whilst the dabba's are made by the wifey.. one the rare occasions I do make the dabba's they go straight to fb to Preen :D :D :D

    But I just love how naturally your poetry happens... infact my wife just the other day was telling me how Naturally and freely can Suranga just let go and come up with words :D ...

  2. Yes, I do agree and thank you for the smiles as always.